112th Congress Now on US Maps

USA maps with congressional districts now updated for the 112th Congress. 

Maps include congressional district areas, district numbers, capital cities, state borders and state names. Table lists members of the 112 congress.

Also available - US Congressional Map with Counties



Changes Happening at Map Resources 

Visit Map Resources and here's what you find -

- It's much easier to find maps because categories and sub-categories are expanded.
- Examining maps is fast with roll over zoom feature.
- Advanced filtering and sorting options help you zero in on the map you need.

Plus the new system will make it easier for us to add maps, giving you the most up-to-date, professional quality map collection anywhere. 

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Attention Strap-Hangers! Detailed NYC map with Subway Routes

Many people asked for them -- and now you can get them - maps of Manhattan with subway routes. 

These are extremely useful maps for New York City projects.  Includes all subway lines, subway stations, PATH stations, plus lots of other details.  All features are saved in separate layers for easy editing with Adobe Illustrator or CS.

Royalty free use, like all other Map Resources maps.

Take a look - the subway riders will love you!

See map showing all of Manhattan

See downtown Manhattan map



Country Maps with Internal Political Areas

Ireland Map with Counties

Country maps with internal political boundaries were just added to Map Resources online map collection.  In addition to standard features such as cities and rivers, these new maps include internal areas such as counties, provinces, administrative areas, and prefectures. 

Each internal area is a separate object.  With Adobe Illustrator, users can select and modify internal areas independently, making these country maps very useful for displaying all types of informaton.

See details for the 38 new country maps here.

Other countries can be ordered as Custom Map projects.


Now, Get Maps in EPS, JPEG and PPT Format

Until now, if you wanted to use our maps, you had to work with Adobe Illustrator.

Now you can use our maps regardless of the software application you are working with.  Many of our maps are now offered in EPS, JPEG, and PowerPoint format, which means you have a tremendous number of options for your host program. 

You ability to edit will depend on the format you choose.  Since EPS you can rescale the map and not lose any resolution.  With PPT, you can select objects and text and make changes.  The JPEG format is a high resolution image, and can be imported into almost any graphics application.

Get a free sample to try out on your own system.