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Map Users Can Choose Digital Maps in Any Format

Now, designers can get any Map Resources digital map file in the format they prefer to use.  This means that even if you don't use Adobe Illustrator, you can still get a professional quality map for your work.

For the first time, Map Resources’ massive collection of Adobe Illustrator maps is available to all graphics users.  You can order PDF maps, EPS maps, JPEG maps, TIF maps or Photoshop maps.

Alternative format maps will offer the identical appearance as the original Illustrator map. Depending on the format they choose, you will have varied ability to customize the maps. Vector map formats, such as PDF and EPS, will allow resizing and font quality text. Photoshop format maps will include editable map layers.

It's easy to order an alternative format map.  You simply specify go online and find the image you need, send an email telling us which format you want, and the map is delivered electronically within one business day. There is no extra charge for this service. 

Any questions about map formats, contact us now.

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